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Iphone 5 is launched today

Friday, September 21, 2012

Today sees the world-wide launch of the Iphone 5.



New features include:

1. The new phone will be taller, carrying an extra line of apps, and 30 percent thinner than iPhone 4S, apparently the thinnest phone ever.  The glass and metal phone will be more durable than the last model.

2. The new Retina screen is 4 inches from corner to corner in length.

3. It has a new smaller dock connector.

4. It has 4G capabilities, which basically means faster internet connectivity.

5. A faster CPU processor.  It has a new A6 ARMv7 1GHz processor, which apparently is benchmarked to run twice as quick as the 4S.

6. New operating system iOS6.

7. Improved battery performance.

By Andrew Sin, created on: 21/09/2012 07:32AM